Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude
But I would just stand and stare

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

Yup this time "fireflies" giv me butterfly in stomach...

All I want in 2009..may not be achieved all on target..
but 1 and 2 arrows has been burst right to the center. another last 1 may not..
No matter what I still have the spare time in 2010..

May be this is too early but Im rarely update my blog..

HAPPY 2010!!!



Thursday, November 12, 2009

*the apocalypse*

"every starting will eventually comes to the ending"

Untuk ak pepatah ni ade btolnye..
coz it happens to me recently.
I was a delightful and my days were full of chocolate moments after Ive met this one person. haha. It felt like I was pull again to the ray of light after ive been awhile in the dark n alone..
but it was so yesterday..
Im not feeling anything like it recently..
yup im back to those dark days again..

We were juz fren.. and nuttin more than dat. impossible to have any kind of special relationship.
but still this person has made my days..
everything has changed now..
I dunno why.. We used to have a meaningful and nice conversation..
but now we only speak like barbarians..vulgar n annoying..
stupid and gross jokes will be the only idea to make us laugh..

we were not updating with each others anymore juz recently..

texting? haha. we used to text each other everyday evetho there's nutting much to say.. care to one another.. "tgh buat pe? dh mkn?"
but now we will only text if there are important things.
sometimes not at all in a week.. huh.
ak pon xtau kenape jd camtu..
kalo ak text takot nnt die xreply..
tp ak mmg nk text die slalu sbnrnye..

calling? apetah lg.. ive started to try not to call this person.. after being told directly by receiver not in mood to take my call..ive asked y? but being reply there is just no reason..and the best part is this person was laughing telling me that it is enjoyable to let my call hasnt been taken on the next day we were meeting.. wutafuck was dat?
i really need to talk to sum1 kot at dat moments..urghh.
tp xpelah its okay.. it is hard to predict someone's character.

it is really hurt that this person doesnt understand the word appreciation..
appreciation towards time..i will always try to find free time to spend together.
but sumtime it was wasted because this person's priority will always go to the phone whenever we were together.. huh.. it is painful to see this person was busy texting and receiving call for quite sumtime whenever i was still here with u and few other frens kot..
probably i was jealous? may be.. haha. i dunno.
Ive put an effort to see u kot. but u juz blew it off.. quite often. if u only know how to appreciate..adoiyai.


tp ape2 pon ak syg kot towards this person.
not cinta..haha. i dunno. but mmg syg sgt sbg kawan..
uve made my days. i juz hope a little appreciation frm u..
hopefully everything will be back juz like when we first started to know each other..

we never know what will happens next.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

russian roulette

Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says, close you eyes
Sometimes it helps
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late to think of the value of my life

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must pass this test x2
So just pull the trigger

yup mmg lirik ni menusuk.. skrg mood tetibe cam nk dgr lagu ni.. beat rhythm, melody but especially lyric ngn title mmg XTRA D-A-R-K.. huh.
mmg dpt express ape yg ak rase skrg..

be patient cyful.
u can get thru this.

yeah i will



To this sweet and luvly gurl,
Happy 22nd Birthday Yana cayunk!!!
sayang kau!!! muahxx muahxxx!!!

may our friendship will last!!! =)


crite di sebalik KONVO SIDANG KE-13

hy again!
setiap kali post baru ak je mesti dh dekat sebulan ak tak tulis..
so ak rase pembace pon dh cam xde..
ye ar x hapdate.. huhu.
xpelah.. tulis ni pon sekadar nk bitau ape yg terbuku dlm hati..

today our topic is konvo.

konvo ak dh beberape minggu lps gak la.
it was on 24 Oct kot.. rasenyela..
tp xpela blom basi lagi kot nk citer.. hehe.

21 oct 2009
>>>>>>>>>>>calling syikin soya (kuboo) name manje die

me: hello ku boo kau kat dungun lg ke?
kuboo: urghhh syikin dlm toilet laa..(kwn die)
me: xpe la ckp kat die ku dout (name yg die pggl ak) kol k.. suoh die kol blk.
kuboo: kudout!!!
me: kuboo!!! hahaha. kau kat dungun lg ke? ble nk dtg cni?
kuboo: esk ak blk ak amik kau tros kat umah k? kau blk keje kol brape?
me: ak blk kol 5.15 camtu..
kuboo: elok lah tu ak pon dr dungun ni amik kau kte tros gerak bangi k.
me: orite kuboo kte jumpe yg laen2 sume kat sane esk..bye kuboo
kuboo: bye kudout!

22 oct 2009

esk nye ak blk keje tros siap nk pegi bangi coz nk jumpe yg laen2 kat sane..
yela rindu gle babai kot kat sane.. zaman kegemilangan kat sane.. haha.
so kuboo pon amik ak pas ak abis keje tros gerak sane coz xnk buang mase..
sampai je kat seksyen 8 kat sane.. kuar kete ternampak la minah muke slambe tp ngn kete kelisa n xlupe laki kat sblh minah tu pon cam kenal..

me: BAI!!!
nana: KUDOUT!!! (dlm kete lg kot minah ni)
me: KUANANG!!!
anang: senyum geleng kpale je tgk ak menjerit kat tpt parking..
me: bai..anang rindu gle kat korg..lame kot xjumpe..(airmate kuar ar rindu kot kat besties ak ni)
anang: dh2 meh cni.. ni dh jumpe dh ni..
nana: dout lame xjumpe..kte pg amik add plak
me: ye ar tu.. lame xjumpe die en

pas babak melalak melolong pg amik add.. sorg lg geng ktorg.. jumpe je add sambung blk babak melalak ni.. adoi..haha.
then tros gi cr tpt makan coz dh lapar gle..
chit chat la masing2 punye life selepas 6 bulan abis blaja..
ak la kene serang dlu coz diorg nk tau sgt best ke keje?
ak ckp BULLSHIT keje! haha.
mmg xbest kot..blaja kat bangi dlu lg best kot ngn korg..hahahah
sume pon stuju coz ble berpisah mmg laen..mmg xbest cam dlu..
yela ak stuju ngn kate2 "setiap pertemuan mesti ade perpisahan"
then sambung borak2 kat andalus.. xbleh blah.. da la ak dr kl ke bangi pastu ke kl blk..hoho. jalan sakan.

23 oct 2009

arini ktorg decide nk gi amik jubah same2..
the prob is ak xbwk bende2 yg kene print sume.. terbaik..
syikin ckp nk bertolak 7 pg.. tp hampeyh ak da bgn awal kot..
last2 pegi kol 9 pg.. ye ar ak tdo pon pukol 5pg cam2..
so sume keletihan ngn ak buat hal lg..
sampai je kat uitm shah alam sume pening nk gi area mane..
satu hal lg.. mmg sesat gak ar dlm tu..
last2 pg kat menara.. mmg amik jubah kat sane..
so ak decide nk gi makan dlu coz sume dh lapar..
sian nana coz jadual makan die xbleh lari..kalo lari je nt gastrik
drpd ak beratur panjang2 pon baik ak gi makan dlu..puas hati..
dlm pukol 12 baru amik jubah.. then grak smayang jumaat..

>>>>>>>texting syikin
me: korg pas amik jubah ngn smayang jumaat nk gi mane?
kuboo: ikot korg la
me: kte gi the curve je la. dekat sket.
kuboo: xde hal

sampai je kat sane sume muke dh toya.. keletihan..
anang blk futsal pukol 3pg camtu.. ak abis lepak pon ngn diorg smlm pon kol 3pg gak..
yg larat nk jln2 syikin ar coz die nk shopping..die ckp kat Dungun xde jenama branded nk shopping so okaylah teman kan die..
anang ngn nana kene blk plak coz ade hal..
ak plak...adoiyai korg dh la lame xjumpe dh nk blk dh.. so xpela.. nk buat camane..
nt jumpe lg..ak pon blk umah tros tdo.. ngn xtukar baju ngn suar..tros terlantar..

24 Oct 2009

5.00 am
ak tetibe terjage awal2 pagi.. nk bangun je tgn kanan ak saket gle babi.. mmg xbleh gerak.. ak dh cube angkat mmg susah nk gerak.. ak tersedar position tdo ak pon dh berubah abis.. kpale kat tpt kaki..kaki kat tpt kpale.. dh terbalik..ak pon xfaham camane bleh jd camtu.. ak jerit pggl mak ak.. die xdgr.. ye ar sume tdo lg rasenye..
last2 ak xtau nk buat ape.. ak text aidid.
me: did ak xtau nk bitau sape n buat ape. tangan ak saket gle babi ble ak bangun ni. xbleh tahan doe.

pas text ak tetido blk.. bgn kol 10pg je mak ak kejut n ak bitau die pasal tangan ak ni.. mmg xsangke sesangat saket... so mak ak amik ubat urutkan.. menjeri2 gak lah ak kesakitan.. ye konvo lg 3 jam je kot..

orite.. disebabkan kesakitan tangan ak tu ak sampai lambat.. berlari2 kot ak satu menare uitm tu cr tpt nk que ngn xpakai jubah lg.. ape sume.. mmg lost.. ngn tangan saket sume.. at last yeah ak nmpk budak2 lain tgh lalu red carpet.. so ak gi blakang cpt2 pakai jubah nk masok que.. tp last2 ak lupe pakai topi die.. pegawai yg jage pggl ..

"mane topi awak. pakai cpt. jap2 rambut awk ni panjang sgt. jom ikot saye"

so ak pon ikot la.. last korg tau tak die bwk ak nk gunting rambut ak.. die ckp langgar protokol rambut panjang.. ak plak plik ak rase rambut ak ok je kot.. pakai topi kemaslah.. tp atlast die potong rambut ak jugak... mmg pasrah je lah.. dlm hati babi btol!!! hari yg malang.. hoho. sabar je..

dah la ak sampai lewat mmg sit ak kat blakang skali.. pastu dgn video psl uitm die pasang repeat byk kali boring nk mati.. ak lapa+sangap nk rokok+haus+boring+bengang kot sume ade..nasib baik bleh main mesej..haha. time2 camni ak rajin mesej org.. bdak degree dlu naik pentas.. dh la ramai gle bdak deg.. ble bdak dip punye turn lege gle... yes nk abis dh.. haha. naik pentas amik simbolik skrol. cao tron. xde ape pon sgt..

so berakhirlah kisah konvo yg sgt memenatkan dan malang sket. ramai member ak konvo sidang esk... so ak cam alone gak la time konvo nk tangkap pic pon xde mood ngn keadaan ak cam2.. so ak ajak mak ak tros blk..

to all my classmates congratulation to all of you. wish u the best in future!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

raye raye raye

Assalamualaikum guys!
Slamat Hari RAye semue!
Maaf ye kwn2 sume2!

Mmg agak late la kot coz dah brape lame raye baru ak nk wish.
tp raye satu bulan kot..
Harini pon ak update blog ak kat umah member ak aidid..
Broadband celcom ak cam lancau je.. asal mlm je buat hal.. xbleh connect..(bak kate nizam baharin "konek") haha. ak bace k blog kau toek..dh bleh jd raje lawak skrg..

Tp raye kalini xmeriah cam sblm ni.. stil zaman kolej mmg terbaik..
konvoi raye umah member2
ak raye kat tpt keje kot 1st raye.. tp suasane raye adela jugak.. dh hias cantik2 tpt keje tu.. pakai baju melayu sume..

Juz tahun ni ak rase kosong sket ar.. xtau asal..
dr awal tahun depress x abis2.. sume xmenjadik. adoiyai..
patot tahun ni jd tahun full of hope ak..
tp apekan daye kite manusia merancang saje tp tuhan menentukan.
berserah je lah..

kalo bleh ak nk update blog ak tiap2 hari.. tp kene pk plak nk tulis ape..
tu yg xde mase.. I juz miss my frens back in college.. kpd kwn2 group "VERZUS" dlu ak rindu kat korg Slamat Hari Raya Maaf Ampun ea Toek, Ijam, Mira, Naz, Danang, Alif, Ady, Capek, Arie, Bieha, Pdot..n the rest..

To my present: surrounded people. Thnx. Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Ikhlas dr -CyfulNizam

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Junior***

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera!

Tajuk tu aku main letak je sbb skrg tgh tgk video lagu SJ..
Sori ar aku jd baku sikit sbb dah terbiase tiap2 hari kene ckp baku kt tpt keje..

Skejap je bulan Ramadhan dah nk abis dah.. lagi 10 hr lg x silap ak..
Stakat ni bulan puase ok ar.. Meriah gak lah..
Tp agak bersabar jugak lah kene jwb call tak henti2 waktu puase..
Tekak sampai kering kontang lah air liur..
Tp nk buat camane..tanggungjwb..buat je lah
Tp time bukak pose pon kene jwb kol..
Berhenti skejap je 5 minit camtu pastu jwb kol..
Waktu baru2 ye ar buat camtu..
Tp skrg amik je break lame2..
Asal puas melantak dlu

Slain drpd tu..HAAA!
Jumpe member2 baru waktu bulan puase ni..

Next to me: Emir, Bill, Aidid

Tunjok muke N.E.N.E.K kau!! haha Diya cam dah blen ngn poster ni

Sronok Tira ea..

Sume member2 Aidid.. Aku kenal die sorg je tp pastu jumpe die skali ngn member2 die skali.. So kawan-berkawan lah..Ok ar tu.. =)

Xde ape pon sgt nk citer kt post kali ni..

So korg dgr lagu Korea ni..
Aku xminat sgt tp time2 boring ni layan lagu ni ok plak.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kesabaran, Kebesaran & Keinsafan

"Ku mengharap kan Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna" -x ingat name kump nasyid ni-

Assalamualaikum dn salam sejahtera kalian semue.
Pada post kali ini saya dengan berbesar hati menyatakan betapa seronoknya dpt menyambut bulan Ramadhan sekali lagi. Alhamdulillah.

Lupekan ayat skema itu.

Skejap je en dah bulan puase balik..
Rase cam baru je bulan puase yg lps habis.
Dah masuk yg baru skrg..
Sememangye saya sambut bulan puase kali sangat berbeza berbanding tiga tahun lepas..
Sebab dlu saya slalu sambut ngn member2 kat kolej..
Pergi bazaar juadah same2..
Bukak same2.. t'masuk lah berbuke sblm wak2 same2..kdg2 =P
Paling best ble berbuke tu ramai2.. tukar2 makanan..
Sahur plak.. mmg aku yg slalu bangkitkan makhluk2 (kwn2) yg bergelimpangan dan keliatan.. tp usually kitorg berjage sampai wak2 sahur.. coz dlu time puase je mesti ade berjage sampai sahur lah..
Mmg RINDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU gle time kolej dlu wak2 bulan puase...
(Aku, Anang, A'ar, Mowk, Tam, Ijat, Nana, Shikin, Aya, Cherm - GENG BUKA PUASA;2006-2008)

Skrg sambut bulan puase kat tpt keje..
Kte tgk camane....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

night shift

hey everyone!
actually im on work..
break time.. boring tak tau nk buat ape..
currently im working at Menara Celcom Jln Semarak..
as Customer Service Executive (prepaid)
haha. kalo nk bercakap ngn En CyfulNizam sila mintak extension 5629-N-E-N-E-K-A-U

Ak blom start jwb kol lg..
tgh training skrg..
tp training pon ade shift malam..
abis kol 12tgh mlm..
sunyi gle kol satu bangunan ni malam2 bute ni..

Working is apart of my plan currently..
coz i have my own target.. and path where should I go afta this..

K lah korg..
I have to get back to worky wolly..
c ya!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

neutral phasae

"Sekian lama terpisah..akhirnya bertemu.." -jamal abdillah, kekasih awal dan akhir-

chewah buat style mira ar letak lirik lagu..
topik terakhir untuk julai "neutral phasae (phase)"
saja eja camtu.. suka suki.. haha
lame aku tak mengarang blog aku ni.
tersadai je.. xde mood sangat nk tulis..
so many things happen in my life.

Sblm menutup tirai julai ni..
ak nk luahkan serba sedikit..
paling banyak skali ak buat bulan ni..
hmm..1 paling kerap 10 paling kurang
1 tido (semestinye tp mmg manusia menghabiskan 1/3 hidup ngn zzz..awet mude)

2 makan (sblm ni diet xmkn xbleh tahan lg tgk nasi..lebih2 lg bulan ni paling byk org blanje ak makan alhamdulillah)

3 lepak ngn kwn2 rapat (nora, zaim..keno)

4 karaoke ngn diorg (aktiviti wajib..seminggu 2-3x)

5 jumpe alif kat cheras perdane (adik miller..slalu gak ar jemput die kat sane..die malas nk drive..)

muke nk same je ngn abg die..alif all d best kat indon..jgn kene bom sudah.

6 tgk movie ngn alif (bdak ni rajin tgk movie..member aku yg laen dah muak)

7 online.. (slalu gak on9 tp dah lame xbukak blog)

8 cari keje gi interview (dah dapat byk offer.. tp xde yg berkenan pon)

9 tgk tv ( indon)

10 tlg mak (kadang2 tlg mak cuci ar da la kuar gune kete die n kemas umah sket2)

Itulah senarai yg aku buat untuk julai..
ogos nnt mmg akan berbeza sbb.. DAH KENE KERJA..

"la la la la hari2 kerja.. la la la la bosan dengan kerja ha ha" -meetunclehussein, lalala-
Lg pon kwn2 aku yg laen pon akan bz dgn hal masing2..
kakak ak pon dah dpt anak.. dah jd pakcik dah aku..
Si alif plak dah pegi jakarta.. dpt kontrak sinetron kat sane.. ikot jejak langkah abg die miller.. eloklah tu..
so xde sape nk ajak aku tgk movie lg..
xpelah concentrate kat keje..

So dats all for july..
Haa sblm tu kpd followers sume thnx 4 reading n linking my blog appreciate it =)
Wish u all the best.. wish me d great k! haha.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

sudah2 lah

Aku ni xsudah2 pening pk nk buat ape pas ni..
Nk sambung blaja oversea tgh tggu que loan..
adoi.. asal la MARA susah gle nk release loan..
Adoi.. time2 ak apply la kau nk buat hal..

Skrg aku ngn kwn2 xsudah2 plak cr keje..
Ye ar sementare tggu loan release utk study..
Hopefully dpt ar keje elok2 sket.
Pening dah ni..duit dah pokai..

Family plak xsudah2 plak memekak..
Sbb tgk ak dah 2 bulan xbuat ape2..
Buang mase je..
Btol gak..
Tp tgh usahe lah gak skrg ni..

Kalo kte nk pk pasal masalah kte ni..
mmg xsudah2 lah..
bak kate org putih..
Action speaks louder than words
baik kte bertindak utk penyelesaian utk mengakhirkannye
drpd kte pk xsudah2..

Sudah2 lah weyh..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

in nature, out of hands

I'm juz not sure wether I still hv readers or not..
doesnt matter..
Today makes me feel want to write sumthing here..

Ive started my day with woke up around 5pm..
my boss (best fren..currently working with her) calling me to come to work..

Lady Boss: Tepul kau dh bgn blom?
me: dah bgn ar ni blom mandi jer..
Lady Boss: Kau siap skrg aku amik kau..
me: kene bukak kedai ke arini

So i took a quick shower..
Wear juz anything frm my closet.
and ready..
right on time my lady boss had arrived..

Lady Boss: Arini kte nk bukak kdai ke xnk ar tepul?
me: laa abis tu yg kau pggl ak nape?
Lady Boss: jom kte gi pasar mlm.
me: ikut je la kau.

At the end.. we didnt open our stall today..
I think its been 3days in-a-row we didnt open our stall.
Oh i think I hvnt told u guys yet..
Actually ..recently Im helping my best fren with her trial business which is a burger stall.. she cant do it all by herself.. so ive decided to help her instead of wasting time doin nuttin during tis semester end...

My day wasnt end there..
While my father and i were busy talking about business..
Ive received such an immature and annoying text frm a fren..
It was silly and full of crap accusition..
He was blaming me for his fault..
and suddenly called me menyibuk..
I was like.. haaa wut on earth is he thinking???
I dun ask u anything.. u told me the issue in a sudden..
and suddenly called me menyibuk?

If u intend to keep it pvt, juz keep it to urself or make it clear to second person to keep it silent..
The small thing like that may seem private to u.. but to others the small things like that may not seems like it to them bcoz they dunno wut is actually goin on..
So make it clear..
Dun juz jump into accusing others

Actually nobody is interested about ur story..
but urself hv made it such a huge deal..
tell this person that person..many persons..
(wether u realize it or not u r actually selling ur story by doing so)
and make a twist in the drama..
when people talk about it..
ure goin like crazy..blame tis person dat person..
at the end of the day..
whose fault anyway?
think about it..


Monday, June 22, 2009


wuts up reader!
firstable i juz want to say I am rarely online lately..
Probably there are so many things to do instead of sitting alone in my room and writing a blog.

Life juz great lately. I am absolutely live life to the fullest. Almost quite likely. haha. Thnx to all my friends (Nora, Zaim, A'ar n others) for making my sem end so blooming..

Oh not to forget the amount above is my recent and last GPA in my Diploma of Business Study at KPTM Bangi.

Well Im not showing off my result. but just for my classmates information. sumtimes I dun hv enough credit to reply text. So how bout write it in my blog.

Alhamdulillah I've already graduated from dip after not-so-long not-so-short 3 years of sweet n sour experience in college.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

HAPPY 19TH, Saiful Nizam!!!

Kepada mamat yg gambar kat atas ni (SAIFUL NIZAM BAHARIN aka Toek, Nizam Bruckheimer.. Ijam, Epol etc).. kembar name aku..aku nk ucapkan selamat menyambut tahun yg ke-19 hidup kat dunie ni!!!. haha. ye kte mmg suke bile umor kte bertambah satu tahun lebih tua.. so enjoy ur 19 b4 it turns 20!! no more teen meyh time tu =P


Monday, April 20, 2009

exam hibernation..

wishing gud to all my fella!
juz want to mention that im in examination mode..
but it's not like i dun have time for leisure..
i still have lots of time for my leisure (there are gap bet papers)
but i dun really hv mood for it..
since this is my final sem for my dip..
so ive got to work a lil bit harder to ensure I'll pass to grad..
i will be finished my exam on 10 May 2009..


love ya



Thursday, April 9, 2009


berakhirlah sume assessmnt aku!!
tggl final exam je..

to all my colleagues..
my group..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Closing Presentation..






above shown a lil bit of our poster
yup 2morrow im going to present my last presentation in my diploma..

hopefully everything is going to turn juz fine..

to: Fida, Wawa, Zaty and Sya (as in picture above)
my group members..

I would like to wish a big thank u for all cooperation.



Saturday, April 4, 2009

what days? insomnia!!!

laugh at the title..
but firstable.. i like the song insomnia
by Wheesung (k-pop artist)
here is the lyric translated in english...

You know that I love you
Can’t you see my eyes
There’s only one, the real slow
The path that I’m running is love, love, love, love

But on that path, it’s all a trap, trap, trap, trap
The inescapable traps give my heart fear, fear, fear, fear
as if it’s a swamp, swallowing my courage
Little by little I’m becoming smaller

The bright facial expression on the disappearing face
I’m afraid that you’ll turn your back and ignore my confession
Laying my head on my needle-like worries

I pretend to sleep though I can’t
Because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams
In the end, I stay up all night

Feels like insomnia X4

Going on the path towards you even though it’s lonelylove, love, love, love
No matter how many times I fall
I’m going to get back up and keep goingbut, but, but, but
Watching you and not getting enough sleepI got sick, sick, sick, sick
If I can’t have your love then
I can’t get better forever, forever, forever, until i die
I’ll be waiting for your permission

No matter how many years,
how many lifetimesI’ll be existing for you
Laying my head on my needle-like worries

I pretend to sleep though I can’t
because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreamsin the end,
I stay up all nightfeels like insomnia X4

This burning love
Even if it gets wet in the tears that fall like tears from the longing
It doesn’t grow cold
Everyday, I bite my lips
I pretend to sleep though I can’t

Because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams
In the end, I stay up all night
feels like insomnia X8

what days?
yup the song sumhow related to what i feel n experience currently.
dunno lah..
what days again?
hari2 yg gembira..
enjoy..sronok je..
then suddenly it has changed n gone..
the characteristic of one person has changed..
yup i know people change alot...
but i wish i could be in my position back to 10-days ago..
around 24-27 march 2009...
the way i was being treated during those days was so appreciated...
hmm.. quite nice lah in other words..
not only frm one person..
it could be anyone..
but those enjoyable days have gone..
along with the characteristic of this one person..
yup.. back to as usual again...
which is this person treats me juz like others..
which is the "others" keep trying to test my temper..
sumtimes it is fun..
but too much it becomes annoying..
i juz wish these people could think..
that I juz need a normal and meaningful conversation..
rather than keep teasing and make fun of everything..
it is not wrong but if it's done all the time and all over again..
it becomes such a pathetic sounds..
dun u think so?
im juz nobody anywhere..
for u.. im juz not worth to listen to..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bOtHeRiNg fEeLin 'n' tHoUgHt

Ive been thinking alot lately...

I cant even sleep...

My thought has been thinking alot bout myself n my life...

The emptiness feeling inside keep bothering me so frequent...

All this while I have been living indepedently...

With beloved family...

Close friends..

and Nice friends..

Suppose it is enough to cover the emptiness inside...

But I just cant control the nature of human...

It is juz out of my capability...

The things that I can do now is to find what I am good at...

I love singing... but juz not good at it.. (it sounds funny..haha)

There I still need achievement and recognition...

In study... in my leisure too...

But still... the success is juz empty if it cant be shared...

Yup.. it happens alot to me...

Why do I keep falling to the wrong person...

First... a person who doesnt appreciate my thought n feeling...

Next... a person who keep confusing about its own wants n needs..

Then... a person who does not that into me...

Now... a person who is may be (seriously.. i dunno coz never told anything yet)..

or totally doesnt feel as I am...

Wish there is sum1 to comfort and being there for me..

whenever I need...

I would do the same thing too to the person...

Whatever my thought and feeling is..

I am still glad because I still can live in good and peace environment..

Compared to the other places and other persons in this world...

There are wars... Hungerness... Disease... Deaths...Cruelty...

Still so grateful in this shoe...

I hope this bothering feeling n thought will wash away soon...

by the presence of someone in my life...

or it juz does in nature.....



Monday, March 23, 2009


To: Farhanudin a.k.a Gbot

anybody wants me to deliver this contain?

give me ur address.

free on delivery!

Wish you a very HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!
May ur 21st year will be blessed with blossom experience...
Keep your 'cool' character.. some say "nmpk mental je" (MaM Gee yg ckp)
Well it's still cool =)
Tp kau mmg mental sket lah kadang2 ;-P

Anyway thanx for helping me throughout this year!
Lots uve helped actually! Appreciate it so much!

And not to forget.. keep playing the sax!
people love it!!!



Saturday, March 21, 2009


bye bye my "red baby"

august 08-march o9

Well u guys.. how ure doing?

haha. dun ask me bout my mood n mind at this moments..

coz this week was the most challenging week I had ever experience within this year..

well at least it's a start to face another challenge waiting in the list for me throughout this year..

juz to inform to all of my friends who have my number...

currently Im not using my maxis number..

dun ask why.. assume it has lost..

please do contact me at my digi/happy number k!

love u!

muahx muahx




Friday, March 13, 2009

bla bla..

this is the post dat Im truly clueless.. dun really have got the time to say anything..hmmm
juz have a look at this pic.. interpret!

ice cream.......................+............................firework...............=?

need ur answer!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

neway happy 19th birthday.

To: Muhammad Adli Adzmi

Yup eventho we are not contacting to each others anymore (for unexplained reason).. I juz want to wish you Happy Birthday! you are 19 now! well i guess it has been alot of history that you have been thru in ur 18 but this life is about the journey then it comes the destination.. wish you will handle ur 19 with more steps of maturity. thats all from me!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

that evening...

To Aya: you were stunning on that evening.. (walaupon aku tau your temporary perm kau buat ngn nina kat saloon dah loose.. ) congratulation to you!!! because at last you have earned this award after a very long journey.. thanks alot for ur help and guidance throughout our friendship. you know what we have gone through together. Really appreciate it.

on this post I am going to reveal a lovely evening I have experienced last week.
Basically it was a ceremony for students whose receiving Dean's List Award in last semester.
I am very thankful coz I am one of them. Alhamdulillah :-)

Korg tgk je lah gambar yg aku upload..
malas nk edit sgt..
biase2 je gambar tu :-)

Mesmerizing MiMi, Luvly AyA, Cutie Nina, Brilliant Azmir (we were frm same batch.. except they were all have graduated.. myself? not yet.. (aku pernah cuti one whole semester for undisclosed reason)
I would like to congratulate him on his success earned the title vice cancellor.. gle ar kau mir! wa salute lu lah!

My classmates.. glamorosity ea sume! Nice!

Ye sememangnye pada mlm ni.. ramai yg melaram pakai mmg santek-santek sume. Taknak kalah ok sumenye. I was juz wearing my suit je. Laki senang. On my left is Fida.. she looks cute isnt she? hehe. kecik je die.. Mlm tu die nmpk cantik coz biasenye die pakai tudung ngn baju kurung biase je gi kelas.. but that evening... rambut siap curl lg.. afta tis ade graduation night plak xtaulah ape kejutan bdak kelas aku buat plak pasni..

On my right is Cik Ieda Fazara.. Name sebenar mmg dah cam artist dah . yup kami pakai sedondon. kte byk similarity kan Ieda kan? Muke pon dekat2 same =)

Di bawah ni ialah MiMi.. ktorg pernah satu sem dlu.. pegi kelas same2... study same2.. she has worked very hard to earn 4flat last semester n first class again in result.. sbg kawan aku bangga ngn kau.. w/pon aku tak satu sem ngn die lg.. pointer die sket2 naik frm the very first semester! jase die dlu tumpang kan aku gi kelas ngn kau amat dihargai =) walaupon kami x sekelas lagi tp sepupu die (gambar bwh)Ika.. satu kelas ngn aku.. dr segi penampilan mereka hampir serupe.. ala ala datin gitu..(on my right.. sepupu sepapat yg mmg due2 dpt anugerah dekan.

On my right again is ninakunina.. (Liyana Arazmi.. kalo xsilap lah name panjang die tu)satu batch ngn aku gak tapi die dah abis dah sambung blaja kat KPTM KL together gether ngn Aya n Azmir.. comeyl kan rambut die.. aku temankan die n aya buat rambut k.. Aku tau kau frust ngn rambut kau nina.. faham sgt dah... xpelah ninakunina.. kau tetap cute cam biase ngn fringe dpn tu.. dr sem satu sampai skrg tetap maintain fringe tu..

ye mmg nmpk cam aku n zul cam bodyguard utk diorg yg tgh ni.. tp actually it 's a double wedding.. (gbot&ika... zul n me) haha. kau yg ckp ea zul.. aku tulis je..
Two frm left is my investment lecturer.. Miss Arfah.. die dtg je sergah aku bitau.. "Awak tak bitau saye ea awak dpt dekan" camne nk bitau miss... miss asyik dok sorg2 popet2 je.. xsempat sy nk ckp ape2.. lecturer aku ni tue setahun je dr aku.. hehe. suke je dtg kelas die coz kelas die paling bestn xboring sem ni!!!

This is my section (section 1) who have received this award.. ramaikan.. tp slack sorg je yg xde.. calon naib canselor.. Azfa.. sian die sakit xdpt dtg... xpe ktorang tetap meraikan utk kau Azfa!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last week? let me tell u..

reason we have visited J.B.
forget about my previous post..
it was just about what i felt at that time..
i know it shouldnt been post..
but somehow i got to.. nk hilang kan tension..
anyway.. nothing has changed.. it still remain that way..

okay this time i nk citer kat y'all sume pasal last week..
x sempat lg kan i nk soseh2 pasal last week kat y'all sume..
(gedik kan I this time) ye ar tu..

last week kan I pegi jb so nk citer last sket ape I buat kat sane..
bukan makan angin ke.. tiup2 angin ke.. buang angin ke kat sane..
tp kan I pegi sane saje suke2 je ngn budak kelas sume..
haha... xdelah ktorg gi sane sbb utk assesment BD..
mmg kene gi lawatan sambil belajar utk 10marks.

1st Day
ktorg btolak gi sane kol 10 tepat.. sharp tau!
kalau tak.. kene tolak markah..
sampai sane dlm pukol 3 lebeyh camtu ar..
actually bleh je sampai awal tp bdak2 ni sibuk nk gi tandas lah..
nk kencing lah.. tukar padlah.. mcm2 lg lah..
sume stop diorg nk berhenti cam citer 7 Perhentian plak..
sampai je sane.. group aku (aku, wawa, sya, zaty n fida)
kene uruskan reservation hotel..
alaa stay dekat Hotel Seri Malaysia je..
Murah2 pon tp selesa (satu bilik bleh muat 3 org- cukop tpt tidoutk sume)
tp my room 2 org je.. biaselah I kan VIP kat kolej tu.. xbleh dok ramai2.
lepas uruskan hotel ktorg gi sightseeing kat JB..
almaklumlah skali skale dpt gi sane..
alaa tp gi City Square je kat sane..
xde ape pon.. tgk2..mkn2.. jln2..

"Nurul: Nizam nk tangkap gambar ngn nizam gak!"

Malam plak gi Danga Bay..
view c2 bleh tahan cantik lah gak..
naik shutter (tak tau lah nk describe shutter ape.. cam kete golf yg panjang)
rm5 gak lah byr.. malas nk jalan kaki gi Street Mall kat c2..
budak2 pompuan ni sibok tgk2 bajulah apelah utk gi dinner dekan ngn graduation nite..
tgk2 je ok.. diorg xbeli ape pon sgt kat sane..
pas abis jalan2 kat c2.. ktorg balik hotel..
nk tdo.. xlarat ar nk jalan2..

"ye aku tau korg suke berangan jd pengantin"

2nd Day

kapal berlabuh

Hari ke2 ni dah kene start siap2 nk kene gi dgr presentation oleh syarikat2 berkenaan.
First ktorg pegi Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.. (PTP).. Pelabuhan terbaik kat Malaysia k!
y'all tau x? xtau xpe. dgr lah saudara en Khairul terangkan pasal port ni sume..
buat2 faham je.. tp fahamlah.. satu group kene prepare satu soalan.. tanyelah ape yg patot kat die.. nnt dlm report nk kene tulis.. pastu die bwk tgk2 kat pelabuhan..
dpt lah jugak peluang tgk ade ape kat pelabuhan tu.. seumur hidup xpernah tgk kan..

pas abis kat PTP ktorg gi plak office Iskandar Malaysia (Iskandar Investment)
satu badan yg bertanggungjawab utk projek Iskandar.. korg taukan projek Pak Lah ni?
xtau xpelah.. so kat sane tggu lame gak lah presenter En Redzuan nk sampai..
katenye stuck kat jam lah apelah... die sampai je masok hall.. dah start bukak mulot..
bleh tahan kecoh gak lah pakcik ni.. cam lecturer pon ade.. patotnye ktorg tanye die soalan..
tp terbalik plak.. die yg tanye soalan2 di luar topik dan jangkaan kat ktorg..
katenye "siaplah org yg cantik2 dan hensem2.. jadi mangsa saya"
so sume yg cantik2 dan hensem2 jd mmg jadi mangsa nk menjawab soalan diluar topik tu..
x citer pon sgt pasal projek Iskandar.. cam sesi bergelak ketawe je time tu..
tp best lah diorg bg layanan yg best lah.. cukop sume diorg kasi door-gift ngn buku2 utk ktorg study pasal projek tu. pas abis ktorg tangkap2 gambar.. n cao tros blk hotel..
blk hotel bukan bleh tdo.. kacau2 org ke.. sbb nk kene siapkan keje selling..
bwk ok buku selling.. azfa yg bwk.. aku x bwk.. siapkan same2 lah.. pastu time tu zzzzzzz.

cam gi kelas gak. kemeja n dgr lecture.

3rd Day

these are the guys frm my class. 4 org je. dats y gambar lain byk girls je..

hari ketiga ni cam dah penat lah..
cam xbersemangat lah nk melawat tpt ni..
dah letih kan...
pukol 7 dah bangun dah.. coz kol 8 nk check out..
group aku kene uruskan lagi.. adoi.. (aku xbuat pon keje.. wawa yg uruskan...hehe)
harini ktorg gi site Nusajaya..
tpt ni cam Putrajaya tp blom byk yg naik lah.. tp kalo dah byk yg bangunan yg naik..
aku rase lah Nusajaya adalah bandar terancang yg tercantik kat Malaysia!
dgn projek rumah kat dpn marina Puteri Harbour.. cantik ar view kat c2..
pastu dgr presentation gak.. w/pon pg jauh.. tp tetap cam gi kelas..
nnt ade educity lah.. medical city lah.. sume ade kat c2..
shopping clomplex menghadap laut pon ade..
(bygkanlah kalo Pavi, atau senang kws Bukit Bintang letak menghadap view laut)
camtulah Iskandar nnt..
(bakal digelar Wilayah Persekutuan Iskandar)
tambah satu lg wilayah kat Malaysian ni..
pas abis site-view.. ktorg tros cao blk Bangi..
balik sampai umah tdo..
habis citer..

p/s: mimi, dlu satu kelas ngn kau.. skrg ngn spupu kau..tetap ade kaum kerabat kau. pandai plak tu korg.hehe
bukan aku suroh capture.. tetibe je org tangkap.

Nusajaya 2025

NUSAJAYA: cam Putrajaya kan?