Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bOtHeRiNg fEeLin 'n' tHoUgHt

Ive been thinking alot lately...

I cant even sleep...

My thought has been thinking alot bout myself n my life...

The emptiness feeling inside keep bothering me so frequent...

All this while I have been living indepedently...

With beloved family...

Close friends..

and Nice friends..

Suppose it is enough to cover the emptiness inside...

But I just cant control the nature of human...

It is juz out of my capability...

The things that I can do now is to find what I am good at...

I love singing... but juz not good at it.. (it sounds funny..haha)

There I still need achievement and recognition...

In study... in my leisure too...

But still... the success is juz empty if it cant be shared...

Yup.. it happens alot to me...

Why do I keep falling to the wrong person...

First... a person who doesnt appreciate my thought n feeling...

Next... a person who keep confusing about its own wants n needs..

Then... a person who does not that into me...

Now... a person who is may be (seriously.. i dunno coz never told anything yet)..

or totally doesnt feel as I am...

Wish there is sum1 to comfort and being there for me..

whenever I need...

I would do the same thing too to the person...

Whatever my thought and feeling is..

I am still glad because I still can live in good and peace environment..

Compared to the other places and other persons in this world...

There are wars... Hungerness... Disease... Deaths...Cruelty...

Still so grateful in this shoe...

I hope this bothering feeling n thought will wash away soon...

by the presence of someone in my life...

or it juz does in nature.....



Monday, March 23, 2009


To: Farhanudin a.k.a Gbot

anybody wants me to deliver this contain?

give me ur address.

free on delivery!

Wish you a very HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!
May ur 21st year will be blessed with blossom experience...
Keep your 'cool' character.. some say "nmpk mental je" (MaM Gee yg ckp)
Well it's still cool =)
Tp kau mmg mental sket lah kadang2 ;-P

Anyway thanx for helping me throughout this year!
Lots uve helped actually! Appreciate it so much!

And not to forget.. keep playing the sax!
people love it!!!



Saturday, March 21, 2009


bye bye my "red baby"

august 08-march o9

Well u guys.. how ure doing?

haha. dun ask me bout my mood n mind at this moments..

coz this week was the most challenging week I had ever experience within this year..

well at least it's a start to face another challenge waiting in the list for me throughout this year..

juz to inform to all of my friends who have my number...

currently Im not using my maxis number..

dun ask why.. assume it has lost..

please do contact me at my digi/happy number k!

love u!

muahx muahx




Friday, March 13, 2009

bla bla..

this is the post dat Im truly clueless.. dun really have got the time to say anything..hmmm
juz have a look at this pic.. interpret!

ice cream.......................+............................firework...............=?

need ur answer!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

neway happy 19th birthday.

To: Muhammad Adli Adzmi

Yup eventho we are not contacting to each others anymore (for unexplained reason).. I juz want to wish you Happy Birthday! you are 19 now! well i guess it has been alot of history that you have been thru in ur 18 but this life is about the journey then it comes the destination.. wish you will handle ur 19 with more steps of maturity. thats all from me!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

that evening...

To Aya: you were stunning on that evening.. (walaupon aku tau your temporary perm kau buat ngn nina kat saloon dah loose.. ) congratulation to you!!! because at last you have earned this award after a very long journey.. thanks alot for ur help and guidance throughout our friendship. you know what we have gone through together. Really appreciate it.

on this post I am going to reveal a lovely evening I have experienced last week.
Basically it was a ceremony for students whose receiving Dean's List Award in last semester.
I am very thankful coz I am one of them. Alhamdulillah :-)

Korg tgk je lah gambar yg aku upload..
malas nk edit sgt..
biase2 je gambar tu :-)

Mesmerizing MiMi, Luvly AyA, Cutie Nina, Brilliant Azmir (we were frm same batch.. except they were all have graduated.. myself? not yet.. (aku pernah cuti one whole semester for undisclosed reason)
I would like to congratulate him on his success earned the title vice cancellor.. gle ar kau mir! wa salute lu lah!

My classmates.. glamorosity ea sume! Nice!

Ye sememangnye pada mlm ni.. ramai yg melaram pakai mmg santek-santek sume. Taknak kalah ok sumenye. I was juz wearing my suit je. Laki senang. On my left is Fida.. she looks cute isnt she? hehe. kecik je die.. Mlm tu die nmpk cantik coz biasenye die pakai tudung ngn baju kurung biase je gi kelas.. but that evening... rambut siap curl lg.. afta tis ade graduation night plak xtaulah ape kejutan bdak kelas aku buat plak pasni..

On my right is Cik Ieda Fazara.. Name sebenar mmg dah cam artist dah . yup kami pakai sedondon. kte byk similarity kan Ieda kan? Muke pon dekat2 same =)

Di bawah ni ialah MiMi.. ktorg pernah satu sem dlu.. pegi kelas same2... study same2.. she has worked very hard to earn 4flat last semester n first class again in result.. sbg kawan aku bangga ngn kau.. w/pon aku tak satu sem ngn die lg.. pointer die sket2 naik frm the very first semester! jase die dlu tumpang kan aku gi kelas ngn kau amat dihargai =) walaupon kami x sekelas lagi tp sepupu die (gambar bwh)Ika.. satu kelas ngn aku.. dr segi penampilan mereka hampir serupe.. ala ala datin gitu..(on my right.. sepupu sepapat yg mmg due2 dpt anugerah dekan.

On my right again is ninakunina.. (Liyana Arazmi.. kalo xsilap lah name panjang die tu)satu batch ngn aku gak tapi die dah abis dah sambung blaja kat KPTM KL together gether ngn Aya n Azmir.. comeyl kan rambut die.. aku temankan die n aya buat rambut k.. Aku tau kau frust ngn rambut kau nina.. faham sgt dah... xpelah ninakunina.. kau tetap cute cam biase ngn fringe dpn tu.. dr sem satu sampai skrg tetap maintain fringe tu..

ye mmg nmpk cam aku n zul cam bodyguard utk diorg yg tgh ni.. tp actually it 's a double wedding.. (gbot&ika... zul n me) haha. kau yg ckp ea zul.. aku tulis je..
Two frm left is my investment lecturer.. Miss Arfah.. die dtg je sergah aku bitau.. "Awak tak bitau saye ea awak dpt dekan" camne nk bitau miss... miss asyik dok sorg2 popet2 je.. xsempat sy nk ckp ape2.. lecturer aku ni tue setahun je dr aku.. hehe. suke je dtg kelas die coz kelas die paling bestn xboring sem ni!!!

This is my section (section 1) who have received this award.. ramaikan.. tp slack sorg je yg xde.. calon naib canselor.. Azfa.. sian die sakit xdpt dtg... xpe ktorang tetap meraikan utk kau Azfa!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last week? let me tell u..

reason we have visited J.B.
forget about my previous post..
it was just about what i felt at that time..
i know it shouldnt been post..
but somehow i got to.. nk hilang kan tension..
anyway.. nothing has changed.. it still remain that way..

okay this time i nk citer kat y'all sume pasal last week..
x sempat lg kan i nk soseh2 pasal last week kat y'all sume..
(gedik kan I this time) ye ar tu..

last week kan I pegi jb so nk citer last sket ape I buat kat sane..
bukan makan angin ke.. tiup2 angin ke.. buang angin ke kat sane..
tp kan I pegi sane saje suke2 je ngn budak kelas sume..
haha... xdelah ktorg gi sane sbb utk assesment BD..
mmg kene gi lawatan sambil belajar utk 10marks.

1st Day
ktorg btolak gi sane kol 10 tepat.. sharp tau!
kalau tak.. kene tolak markah..
sampai sane dlm pukol 3 lebeyh camtu ar..
actually bleh je sampai awal tp bdak2 ni sibuk nk gi tandas lah..
nk kencing lah.. tukar padlah.. mcm2 lg lah..
sume stop diorg nk berhenti cam citer 7 Perhentian plak..
sampai je sane.. group aku (aku, wawa, sya, zaty n fida)
kene uruskan reservation hotel..
alaa stay dekat Hotel Seri Malaysia je..
Murah2 pon tp selesa (satu bilik bleh muat 3 org- cukop tpt tidoutk sume)
tp my room 2 org je.. biaselah I kan VIP kat kolej tu.. xbleh dok ramai2.
lepas uruskan hotel ktorg gi sightseeing kat JB..
almaklumlah skali skale dpt gi sane..
alaa tp gi City Square je kat sane..
xde ape pon.. tgk2..mkn2.. jln2..

"Nurul: Nizam nk tangkap gambar ngn nizam gak!"

Malam plak gi Danga Bay..
view c2 bleh tahan cantik lah gak..
naik shutter (tak tau lah nk describe shutter ape.. cam kete golf yg panjang)
rm5 gak lah byr.. malas nk jalan kaki gi Street Mall kat c2..
budak2 pompuan ni sibok tgk2 bajulah apelah utk gi dinner dekan ngn graduation nite..
tgk2 je ok.. diorg xbeli ape pon sgt kat sane..
pas abis jalan2 kat c2.. ktorg balik hotel..
nk tdo.. xlarat ar nk jalan2..

"ye aku tau korg suke berangan jd pengantin"

2nd Day

kapal berlabuh

Hari ke2 ni dah kene start siap2 nk kene gi dgr presentation oleh syarikat2 berkenaan.
First ktorg pegi Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.. (PTP).. Pelabuhan terbaik kat Malaysia k!
y'all tau x? xtau xpe. dgr lah saudara en Khairul terangkan pasal port ni sume..
buat2 faham je.. tp fahamlah.. satu group kene prepare satu soalan.. tanyelah ape yg patot kat die.. nnt dlm report nk kene tulis.. pastu die bwk tgk2 kat pelabuhan..
dpt lah jugak peluang tgk ade ape kat pelabuhan tu.. seumur hidup xpernah tgk kan..

pas abis kat PTP ktorg gi plak office Iskandar Malaysia (Iskandar Investment)
satu badan yg bertanggungjawab utk projek Iskandar.. korg taukan projek Pak Lah ni?
xtau xpelah.. so kat sane tggu lame gak lah presenter En Redzuan nk sampai..
katenye stuck kat jam lah apelah... die sampai je masok hall.. dah start bukak mulot..
bleh tahan kecoh gak lah pakcik ni.. cam lecturer pon ade.. patotnye ktorg tanye die soalan..
tp terbalik plak.. die yg tanye soalan2 di luar topik dan jangkaan kat ktorg..
katenye "siaplah org yg cantik2 dan hensem2.. jadi mangsa saya"
so sume yg cantik2 dan hensem2 jd mmg jadi mangsa nk menjawab soalan diluar topik tu..
x citer pon sgt pasal projek Iskandar.. cam sesi bergelak ketawe je time tu..
tp best lah diorg bg layanan yg best lah.. cukop sume diorg kasi door-gift ngn buku2 utk ktorg study pasal projek tu. pas abis ktorg tangkap2 gambar.. n cao tros blk hotel..
blk hotel bukan bleh tdo.. kacau2 org ke.. sbb nk kene siapkan keje selling..
bwk ok buku selling.. azfa yg bwk.. aku x bwk.. siapkan same2 lah.. pastu time tu zzzzzzz.

cam gi kelas gak. kemeja n dgr lecture.

3rd Day

these are the guys frm my class. 4 org je. dats y gambar lain byk girls je..

hari ketiga ni cam dah penat lah..
cam xbersemangat lah nk melawat tpt ni..
dah letih kan...
pukol 7 dah bangun dah.. coz kol 8 nk check out..
group aku kene uruskan lagi.. adoi.. (aku xbuat pon keje.. wawa yg uruskan...hehe)
harini ktorg gi site Nusajaya..
tpt ni cam Putrajaya tp blom byk yg naik lah.. tp kalo dah byk yg bangunan yg naik..
aku rase lah Nusajaya adalah bandar terancang yg tercantik kat Malaysia!
dgn projek rumah kat dpn marina Puteri Harbour.. cantik ar view kat c2..
pastu dgr presentation gak.. w/pon pg jauh.. tp tetap cam gi kelas..
nnt ade educity lah.. medical city lah.. sume ade kat c2..
shopping clomplex menghadap laut pon ade..
(bygkanlah kalo Pavi, atau senang kws Bukit Bintang letak menghadap view laut)
camtulah Iskandar nnt..
(bakal digelar Wilayah Persekutuan Iskandar)
tambah satu lg wilayah kat Malaysian ni..
pas abis site-view.. ktorg tros cao blk Bangi..
balik sampai umah tdo..
habis citer..

p/s: mimi, dlu satu kelas ngn kau.. skrg ngn spupu kau..tetap ade kaum kerabat kau. pandai plak tu korg.hehe
bukan aku suroh capture.. tetibe je org tangkap.

Nusajaya 2025

NUSAJAYA: cam Putrajaya kan?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Helo friends..strangers..stalker or wutever...
do u know wut?
I was like a crazy person today..half of me only..
the other half i have to pretend to everyone that im just okay..but
inside of me i felt like juz want to take a knife and cut my body into million pieces.. (metaphore je ok... i wont do something studpid)
it is so freaking crazy.. the worst part is.. i dunno y i felt this way today...
what the trigger? im not sure...

i think may b i felt less appreciated by sum1..
i dunno lah.. i was just trying to be nice.. texting tis one person.. like friend texting..
but it was ignored just like that...
yeah i know.. "I mean nothing to you"
I'm just a piece of meat...
and that's what make u can do wutever u want to me..
(u will only remember me when ure bored)
the fact is u just dun care about me at all..
im forgotten just like that..
yup im nothing.

I was just trying to be a good friend..
I hope nothing more than that..
coz I know it's over.. u chose that way.. i was trying really hard and having hard time to deal with it..
now im just in your last list within your friends.
i will be the last person to know bout you..
but u juz know nothing bout me..
coz u dun even care..
it's totally opposite with a good friend theory..

1) not in list of your top friend.. (it does mean something sumtimes) ive placed u once in my top fren but ure still didnt.so i had removed it.

2) i think im the last person to be informed that u have ur phone again..

3) dont even bother to ask about my life when not seeing.. actually u should start first because uve decided to be a gud fren. i'll reply each of ur text.

4) whenever i have texted you currently... it seems so hard for u to reply.. sumtimes i was being stupid.. waiting all day long for you to reply... sampai masuk mimpi.. everytime phone aku bunyi..aku ingat kau mesej.. but no..

5) kalo nk jumpe.. aku je yg sungguh2.. kalo aku x contact follow up nk jumpe.. kau x bother pon nk contact aku tanye..

6) tis one im not sure.. i was only your game.. im worthless. if it's true........hmmm

like u said u want to be my "close buddy"
(like u said in ur text uve sent to me on my birthday.. i still keep it)
if u really intent to be my friend.. please treat me with ur sincerity..
tak payah nk pakse2 diri.. i prefer the fact rather than just sweet words..
if ure not.. just tell me rite now.