Saturday, March 21, 2009


bye bye my "red baby"

august 08-march o9

Well u guys.. how ure doing?

haha. dun ask me bout my mood n mind at this moments..

coz this week was the most challenging week I had ever experience within this year..

well at least it's a start to face another challenge waiting in the list for me throughout this year..

juz to inform to all of my friends who have my number...

currently Im not using my maxis number..

dun ask why.. assume it has lost..

please do contact me at my digi/happy number k!

love u!

muahx muahx





  1. wow u have a lot of numbers bro
    i wish u well aite :)

  2. but the other numbers are not as active as my maxis no.. only as supplement.

    pasrah no lame dah xde.. enset kesayangan pon dah xde..

  3. hahaha really?
    i don't have any of ur numbers.
    what happened to your beloved handphone?
    rosak ke? aiyaa

  4. bukan rosak..
    mule2 aku campak kat luar kete..
    pastu not long afta..
    it has lost..

    i'll giv u my no. kat ms.