Monday, March 2, 2009


Helo friends..strangers..stalker or wutever...
do u know wut?
I was like a crazy person today..half of me only..
the other half i have to pretend to everyone that im just okay..but
inside of me i felt like juz want to take a knife and cut my body into million pieces.. (metaphore je ok... i wont do something studpid)
it is so freaking crazy.. the worst part is.. i dunno y i felt this way today...
what the trigger? im not sure...

i think may b i felt less appreciated by sum1..
i dunno lah.. i was just trying to be nice.. texting tis one person.. like friend texting..
but it was ignored just like that...
yeah i know.. "I mean nothing to you"
I'm just a piece of meat...
and that's what make u can do wutever u want to me..
(u will only remember me when ure bored)
the fact is u just dun care about me at all..
im forgotten just like that..
yup im nothing.

I was just trying to be a good friend..
I hope nothing more than that..
coz I know it's over.. u chose that way.. i was trying really hard and having hard time to deal with it..
now im just in your last list within your friends.
i will be the last person to know bout you..
but u juz know nothing bout me..
coz u dun even care..
it's totally opposite with a good friend theory..

1) not in list of your top friend.. (it does mean something sumtimes) ive placed u once in my top fren but ure still i had removed it.

2) i think im the last person to be informed that u have ur phone again..

3) dont even bother to ask about my life when not seeing.. actually u should start first because uve decided to be a gud fren. i'll reply each of ur text.

4) whenever i have texted you currently... it seems so hard for u to reply.. sumtimes i was being stupid.. waiting all day long for you to reply... sampai masuk mimpi.. everytime phone aku bunyi..aku ingat kau mesej.. but no..

5) kalo nk jumpe.. aku je yg sungguh2.. kalo aku x contact follow up nk jumpe.. kau x bother pon nk contact aku tanye..

6) tis one im not sure.. i was only your game.. im worthless. if it's true........hmmm

like u said u want to be my "close buddy"
(like u said in ur text uve sent to me on my birthday.. i still keep it)
if u really intent to be my friend.. please treat me with ur sincerity..
tak payah nk pakse2 diri.. i prefer the fact rather than just sweet words..
if ure not.. just tell me rite now.

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  1. this is what i felt yesterday (6th march)
    konon nye bffe,still,she's such a snobbish backstabber...dpn orng mcm angel,blakang orng,lagi teruk dari iblis....friends can't be trusted when they are supposed to be trusted....