Monday, June 22, 2009


wuts up reader!
firstable i juz want to say I am rarely online lately..
Probably there are so many things to do instead of sitting alone in my room and writing a blog.

Life juz great lately. I am absolutely live life to the fullest. Almost quite likely. haha. Thnx to all my friends (Nora, Zaim, A'ar n others) for making my sem end so blooming..

Oh not to forget the amount above is my recent and last GPA in my Diploma of Business Study at KPTM Bangi.

Well Im not showing off my result. but just for my classmates information. sumtimes I dun hv enough credit to reply text. So how bout write it in my blog.

Alhamdulillah I've already graduated from dip after not-so-long not-so-short 3 years of sweet n sour experience in college.


  1. hehe..mmg dah lame ko tak update kan..hehe..papepun tahniah..ko sambung mane nnti?

  2. yeay!!congrats!!..dapat sambung mne??

  3. ak xsambung kot dlu..
    ak tgh dpt keje flight attendant..