Monday, January 25, 2010


"Bulan madu di awan biru Tiada yang mengganggu"

pejam celik..pejam celik..
skrg ni dh bulan ke-6 ak keje kat "awan biru" sbg customer service executive.
(ayat skema apahal plak ni..get into emotion kot.adoi)
ye ar . xsangke plak bleh bertahan sampai 6 bln..
most of the time ive spent my life on "awan biru" since the past 6 mths..
or accurately 6 adventurous ridiculous fabulous mesmer-ous beautiful-ous months on "awan biru".

at the beginning i was doubted and asking how long i am going to survive here..
am i going to succeed to finish the contract..
how am i going to adapt here..
am i going to like my job ( ive answered no b4 tis)
am i going to fit in..
am i going to discover what ive been looking for in least a bit of it

i didnt answer the question
but the moments and time i have been thru at "awan biru"
has naturally give me the answer..
it's hard to believe that it is going to the end...
ive juz got all the answer..
but it seems a little too late for me..
if it ends earlier than i will be such a demostating..
i mean the contract is almost ended
It is renewable.. but the stupid me has asked for not to..
I thought i shouldnt have to..
but at the last minute sumthing holds me to be there..
ive juz found my perfect "gateway" of my lifeless soul there.
but it seems a little bit too late for me..
and now the question
what am i goin to do without it.. huh.

i cherish every moments ive spent at "awan biru"
cant believe ive appreciated at the last minutes.
but still i am blaming my soul's perfect "gateway"
u came out when it has juz started but near to the ends.
it is unacceptable for me and not fair..
ive started to depend on you.
but without the renewal it seems impossible to meet like we're always were.

still cant believe it.
The important part is
I am doing everything I can to earn the renewal again.
(cam company tu bapak ak punye plak. jap nk..jap xnk.adoi)

There will always be a twist in a story
I guess this is the "twist" for me so far in my chapter.
menyusahkan je twist2 ni.
(kalo dpt air twister ok ar la jugak.ilang dahaga)


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