Thursday, April 14, 2011

...has made me to write again

i was blewing the bulky dust attached to this page..
haha. it has been decades I havent written anything good in this blog..

Well today has changed my thought..

Let me tell u a story..
While I was entertaining a customer at my workplace-->Easy RHB TMN DAGANG
=) was interupted with a phone call..

>>>>>phone ringing
ME: Hellooo

STRANGER: Luqman ade x?

ME:Haaa Luqman? (Gle ape bdak ni..ble mase name ak jadi luqman--monologue) Sape ni?

STRANGER: Haa xdgr laa..

ME: Sape ni? Sy bkn Luqman.

STRANGER: Ouh sy tersalah sy ade mesej kat awak nk tanye pasal kamera tu tp rasenye tersalah no.

ME: tulah sy rase awk tersalah no ni. Camane awk dpt no sy n tau pasal kamera tu?


ME: Name awk ape?

STRANGER: Ouh xpelah

ME: Ok bye


Not long after this pity stranger texted me;

STRANGER>>Saiful kamera canon tu still dijual ke? -nazmi-

(Siap tau name ak lg ni..mesti tgk blog ak.. x sangke ade jugak yg melawat blog ak ni)

Then I have started conver-text-ion with this stranger. Actually deep in my heart I really do appreciate with his words telling me that sometimes he did read and follow my blog. I never thought that there will be somebody out there reading it after it was long abandoned by me. Even more he is still remember few of my post eventhough the post was deleted a year ago. Hehe.

Automatically I open my netbook and start to chrome-link my blog...
Ive started to analyze each and every one of the post..
I was stunned for a moment. I never thought that I was the one who was constructing the posts.. then I just realized from the year 2009 till now I have changed in person. I wasnt the same person back in 2 yrs ago. Not saying totally different but my life n character have changed some part somehow without realizing it. Still there is a thing never changed till now.

Im also appreciate every pieces of my post because each one of them telling an honest story at the accordance of moments. It was like bringing back memory and emotions.

Sometimes we do forget for who we are but thank you I have started to remember who I was again.

I have started to feel want to write again. It is good to letting out your thought and feeling..

I think I should do it more often.


Cyful Nizam

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